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How to order

Your Orders are Made Easy at Pens Online

The easiest place on the internet to order branded promotional pens. Here's how:

1. Find the pen you want

We have a huge range of pens at Pens Online so we have a number of methods to help you find what you want:

  • You can use the Browse By Category links on the left to:
    • search by type of pen e.g ballpens, executive pens, highlighters, etc
    • search by brand e.g. BiC, Solis, Shaeffer

  • You can use the Go >> search box at the top left hand corner to search the entire database. e.g. search for "pencil", "marker", or "gel".
  • Use the links at the top of the page to see Featured products, or New additions to the range

2. See more details about a pen you're interested in

  • When you see an item you're interested in, click on More Details button.

3. Take a closer look

On the More Details page click on the Zoom icon below the picture of the pen to see a life-sized example.

4. Choose your preferences

The More Details page shows all the possible options for that particular pen.

  • No order forms to print and fax
  • No phone calls to make
  • Just click away to choose your preferences

5. Add to Cart, and head to the Checkout

Please remember to check that the order volume beside the Add To Cart button matches the  order volume price range you've chosen.  Failing to do this could delay processing of your order.

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